Whether you are new to teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), or to teaching online, or are interested in professional development to boost your career, DigiTEFL has something for you.

Highest Quality

DigiTEFL courses are designed to meet the needs of serious English language professionals, and are of the same quality one would expect of face-to-face training in academic institutions.

Our courses are either written or edited by Richard Gallahad, whose own training includes the Cambridge DELTA, Trinity Cert. IBET and MA Educational Technology & TESOL.

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (CELTO1)

In this course module, we explore teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in terms of both how to teach (methodology) and how people learn a second language (psychology).

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Language Awareness for English Teachers (CELTO2)

For many who are new to TEFL, grammar is something they have never looked at in isolation before. In fact, native English speakers are less likely to have done so than those who learned English as a foreign language. In this course, we will raise awareness of language issues such as grammar and phonology, and explore how to teach them.

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Teaching Online - A course for online tutors (CELTO3)

This module is designed for English language teachers who wish to move into online teaching. It covers the essentials of moderating a virtual learning environment (VLE), delivering live lessons in a virtual classroom (VC), content design, the facilitation of learner-centred knowledge construction, and assessment.

- Next course dates: 14th August - 17th September 2017
- Course length: 35 hours / 5 weeks x 7 hours
- Fee: $50
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Understanding Learner Needs (CELTO4)

Every language learner is unique, and has a different need for learning English. In this module, you will be working closely with a real English student. You will learn how to perform a thorough diagnostic assessment and needs analysis, and how to design a Scheme of Work meeting the student's specific requirements. You will also design a 25-minute online lesson. This will be delivered in a virtual classroom, and observed by an instructor. Individual feedback will be provided.


You are encouraged to continue teaching your student beyond this course, and are free to make your own private arrangements with them, entailing that this course will pay for itself.

- Next course dates: Available soon
- Course length: 15 hours / 3 x 5-hour units, including observed teaching practice
- Fee: $30
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Moodle Course Design

This course is designed for teachers and trainers from any field, who wish to design and deliver their own online courses, using the Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE). You will be provided with your very own Moodle site, which you will be using to develop your own course during the 8-week training. Moodle incorporates Big Blue Button, the virtual classroom (VC) platform, so you can now easily deliver a balanced course with asynchronous tasks and live lessons. We also include the free installation of WordPress … the popular app for creating websites.


With a Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE), Big Blue Button virtual classroom (VC), a WordPress website and a .com domain, you'll have everything you need to deliver professional online education around the world.

- Next course dates: 14th August - 8th October 2017
- Course length: 40 hours / 8 weeks x 5 hours
- Fee: $80 ... includes installation of Moodle, Big Blue Button and WordPress, .com domain + free web hosting for 3 months
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Teaching Business English

This self-access course is designed for in-service English language teachers who wish to develop their career by moving into Business English teaching. Participants should ideally have a minimum of 12 months’ adult teaching experience.

- Next course dates: Continuous enrolment ... start any time
- Course length: 60 hours / 12 x 5-hour units ... you have up to 6 months to complete the course and submit a final written assessment
- Fee: $60
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Our Courses

CELTO - Certificate in English Language Teaching Online
The CELTO is comprised of 4 modules, which can also be pursued individually:

1) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
2) Language Awareness for English Teachers
3) Teaching Online - A course for online tutors
4) Understanding Learner Needs

Moodle Course Design
The complete solution for teachers who want to launch their own online school with Moodle. Includes free Moodle installation and web hosting.


Teaching Business English
Everything you need to start working privately as a Business English teacher or corporate trainer.

Flexible Learning

All DigiTEFL courses are delivered via Moodle. Course units contain a number of tasks, with much of the interaction taking place in online forums. This means that participants can log in and work through the tasks at any time that suits them. Most courses also include live sessions, which are conducted via Big Blue Button. The timing of live events will be negotiated with each training group so as to cater for as many as possible.